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Choosing Quality Custom Rubber Stamp Images

It’s free to upload an image to create a custom rubber stamp on Addicted to Rubber Stamps. Just follow these rules for your stamp to make a quality impression…

Make sure your image file meets these specifications:

  • .jpg, .gif, .bmp or .png format
  • Pure black and white only — don’t use gray or grayscale
  • Have very little white space or unnecessary background — the larger your image, the clearer it will be
  • High-quality, (print-ready) resolution of 300 dpi or greater
  • You must own the copyright of the image, be your original design or in the public domain

Rubber Stamp Upload Image Examples:

Good Quality

Poor Quality

1-bit Bitmap Photo of Broach
Grayscale Broach Photo
Poor — Grayscale
Big Pinwheel Illustration
Small Scan of Pinwheel Illustration
Poor — Grayscale Needs Cropping
1-bit bitmap of Logo Graphic
Color Logo Graphic
Poor — Color
1-bit Bitmap of Cat Photo
Color Cat Photo
Poor — Color
1-bit Bitmap of Butterfly Graphic
Color Butterfly Graphic
Poor — Color

Other helpful hints for selecting rubber stamp images:

  • Choose high contrast images. Use a graphic or photo where the background colors or shades are opposite or greatly different from the subject.
  • Use high quality photos that are in focus and not overexposed.
  • Crop the image to contain only the area you want for a stamp.
  • For photos or art with shades, convert them to pure black & white with any image editing program you want. For best results, it should have a dithering feature. To learn more about dithering, visit our tutorials on how to create and convert images to pure black and white using Microsoft® Paint, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements and Adobe® Fireworks®.
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