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Tips for Large Unmounted Rubber Stamps

8x10 Image Sample

Our Online Custom Stamp Designer allows you to only upload one image. If you wish, you can position that image(left, right, top or bottom) with an area of text you can type into the Designer. You can also add a simple border. If you want a large unmounted stamp with only one image and maybe some text (or only text) that’s fine. But, what if you want to fill that large unmounted stamp with several images and text areas to cut apart and use in various different projects? You can do it!

The image to the left is made up of 14 different images! You can imagine how much it would cost to buy 14 rubber stamps compared to just this single unmounted one.

You’ll need photo editing software such as Microsoft® Paint, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements or Adobe® Fireworks. There are many software programs that allow you to alter, resize and change the appearance of photos. Find one that fits your budget and needs. How you use these various programs differs and you may not use all the features each package offers, so take some time and figure out how the software you choose works. Here is the basic procedure for creating a “ganged-up” image for a large unmounted stamp:

  1. Decide which images you want. When choosing, keep in mind whether they are suitable for rubber stamps. They must be pure black and white — no gray! — and if they are photos, be sure they are prepared properly. Check out the Uploaded Graphics page for details. Also, don’t use images copyrighted by someone else. Make your custom stamp all yours!
    Cat Photo Example

    The original photo isn’t suitable for a rubber stamp while the converted photo on the right is good.

  2. Once your chosen images are open in your photo program, create a new empty image with a white background. Make it the size of the unmounted stamp you want, for instance, 8 inches by 10 inches.
    Create a New File

    Creating a new file… your software may work or appear differently.

  3. One by one, copy your chosen images and paste them into the large blank one. Each image should be on its own layer for easy adjusting. Once they are all on there, move them around, rotate them and erase unwanted areas if it will fit better. You can type in or paste any text you may want where there’s room.
    Paste Menu Setting

    Pasting an image… your software may work or appear differently.

  4. Once you’re happy that you’ve made the best use of the available space, you’ll need to flatten the image so that it’s all on one layer. Sometimes, during the process of adjusting these smaller images, the software will create gray areas — especially if you resize them. Because of this, double check that your image is pure black and white… and save it!
    Image Format Command

    Checking the image format… your software may work or appear differently.

  5. You have now created a large black and white image made up of smaller images or text. Just upload the file and, in our Online Custom Stamp Designer under “Placement of Image on Stamp”, make sure “Fill Entire Stamp With Image” is selected.
    Image Fill Command

    The Fill Image setting in the Online Custom Stamp Designer.

For more, visit the Uploaded Graphics page for file information and our tutorials on using Microsoft® Paint, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements and Adobe® Fireworks®.

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