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My Thoughts Exactly

My Thoughts Exactly
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Product Facts:
Manufacturer: Market Street Stamps
Type: Rubber Stamps: Clear
Product Size: 8.50" x 5.50" x 0.13"
Package Size: 9.50" x 6.00" x 0.13"
SKU: 625686

About Market Street Stamps…

Market Street Stamps Logo We're Angelica and Jorge Suarez, and when we set out to create our own clear stamp company in 2010, we set out to provide three things: GREAT design, high quality crafting products that don't cost a lot of money, and a welcoming atmosphere for people of all skill levels.

The first thing most people notice about our stamps is the peach tint. Why are they peach-tinted? We use trade-quality photopolymer, which means we only use substrate that professional printers use. We’re picky about our suppliers, which is why you will always see a consistent quality in our stamps. And the peach? Well, that’s added by our manufacturer so you’ll always know when you have the best clear stamps on the market today. Our in-house manufacturer is currently the only stamp manufacturer who adds this special tint.

The second thing people remark is how well our stamps stamp! As a stamper myself, I understand how disappointing it is when you fall in love with a design, purchase it as a stamp, get home, ink it up and then the ink beads. So then you sand it, and then it rips – and oh, the next time you go to use it? Yeah, it stopped clinging. Our stamps don’t do any of those things! In fact, I like to say they stamp like rubber but are clear for convenience. The softer polymer allows the impression a bit of cushion, just like a wood-mounted red rubber stamp. All of our stamps self-cling and if they attract any lint or dust, simply rinsing them through lukewarm water will allow them to regain their cling – just like new!

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016
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