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Travel Adventures Paper Crafting Kit

Travel Adventures Paper Crafting Kit
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Includes eight 12x12 sheets, 2 sticker sheets, 2 sheets vellum, 2 notecards with envelopes, 2 tags, 12 photo corners, 24 mini brads.
Product Facts:
Manufacturer: PSX Design Classics
Type: Papers And Cardstock: 12 Inches And Larger
Package Size: 13.50" x 10.00" x 0.25"
SKU: 711419

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About PSX Design Classics…

PSX Design Classics Logo Unforgettable Designs. Unforgettable Quality.
Founded in 1980, PSX was originally known as Personal Stamp Exchange. PSX has always been a high-end traditional stamp company, with superior quality. Stamps are crafted using the finest quality of rubber and wood, with a special laquor finish over the index. We are pleased to be the exclusive source for PSX products online.

What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating ALL IN ONE...EASY KIT
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“This is absolutely wonderful! Everything right at your fingertips. It makes it easy to create your vacation pages for your scrapbooks or your thank you cards for the hospitality you enjoyed on your trip.”
Product Rating Good for cardmakers or scrapbookers
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“I used this kit to make bon voyage and graduation cards, and the embellishments are great, too. I just wish I could buy the papers individually as well as in the kit.”
Product Rating Just what I've been looking for!
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“My daughter is going to school in Brazil for 6 months. I am doing an album exclusively of this trip and she wants it to be coordinated in subdued, elegant, grown-up colors and themes with an old fashioned touch. I have finally found a travel kit that isn't gaudy and doesn't focus on Paris, London, Italy or Hawaii.”
Product Rating Great Price!
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“I love these kits. They are such a great price and an awesome buy!!!”
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Monday, July 25, 2016
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