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Punch, Medium Corner Rounder, up to 1"

Punch, Medium Corner Rounder, up to 1″
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Product Facts:
Manufacturer: EK Success
Product Line: Paper Shapers
Type: Paper Tools: Punches
Package Size: 5.00" x 4.00" x 1.30"
SKU: 668071

About EK Success…

EK Success Logo We are a 30 year old creative consumer products company with a diversified portfolio of products that lend themselves to the gift, toy, craft, party and stationery markets. Our products are created with the intent to inspire and educate the consumer and foster the creativity within each of us. Our m.o. is to out imagine the competition and re-imagine the space of our retailer partners. The secret of our success has been our ability to be in touch with our consumer needs and wants and provide them with the necessary tools.

What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating A must for every scrapbooker.
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“Every scrapbooker should have not just this tool but several sizes of it. You picture changes a whole lot just a second.”
Product Rating I recommend this corner rounder
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“Definitely the easiest corner rounder I have used. Does not require a lot of pressure to get a great rounded corner.”
Product Rating Great little corner rounder, it's essential
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“I love this corner rounder! I use it ALL the time! it is small, so it fits into my tools bag to go easily with me to crops. the paper guides make it easy to get a well placed cut. My only dissapointment is the lever could be a bit more sturdy, but have had no problems with it.”
Product Rating The best corner rounder that I have used
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“This is the best corner rounder that I have used. EK Success punches are easy to use if you have arthritis in your hands like I do.”
Product Rating Fantastic product for card making
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“I use this corner puch all the time whem making my cards. It softens the look of the card and adds an extra detail. I also use it on stickers if I want to change the look”
Product Rating Maybe just a "lemon"--try the company
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“You might have just gotten a lemon that went "sour" after a few punches. Most crafting companies want to please their customers, so if you contact EK Success (info usually on package) I am sure they will try to make it right. I have this punch and frequently use it. So far it has worked like a charm.”
Product Rating I disagree with everyone!
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“When I first bought this corner rounder I thought it was the best thing in the world. After using it a few times, my corners stopped coming out rounded, they always had a funny shape. The punched out parts would get stuck in the punch and you had to take the punch apart and use tweezers to remove them. It was happening almost every time I used the punch. Now, making a rounded corner was taking so long I gave up and stopped using this punch.”
Product Rating Great Corner Rounder Punch
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“This is a must have for any scrapbooker/card makers collection. I love the rounded edge it gives to cards. It is also very easy to use. Another great product for EK Success!!”
Product Rating This punch rocks!
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“Not only can you round the corners, but you can make scalloped borders! What could be better? It is easy to use and it is cute! It gives you a nice clean cut edge as well.”
Product Rating Easy Finish!
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“This corner rounder is great for giving pictures a quick & easy finished look.”
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