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Rotary Tools, Cutter Bee Piercing Bugs, Set of 2

Rotary Tools, Cutter Bee Piercing Bugs, Set of 2
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These cute piercing bugs offer a quick and easy way to pierce paper in preparation for hand stitching with either thread or fibers. For machine free stitches and precision embellishment placement. One bug is a single piercer and the other is a double row piercer that pierces uniform holes which are 1/8" apart.
Product Facts:
Manufacturer: EK Success
Product Line: Cutter Bee
Type: Paper Tools: Tools
Package Size: 8.00" x 4.00" x 0.35"
SKU: 652571

About EK Success…

EK Success Logo We are a 30 year old creative consumer products company with a diversified portfolio of products that lend themselves to the gift, toy, craft, party and stationery markets. Our products are created with the intent to inspire and educate the consumer and foster the creativity within each of us. Our m.o. is to out imagine the competition and re-imagine the space of our retailer partners. The secret of our success has been our ability to be in touch with our consumer needs and wants and provide them with the necessary tools.

What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating I love the Cutter Bee! Would recommend to anyone.
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“I use this often with my scor-pal and on its own for some really unique effects. It's a staple in my travel kit as well as at home. I definitely recommend!”
Product Rating No need for a sewing machine
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“I have used these to make holes and then used a marker to connect the dots and it looks like you used a sewing machine. They are easy to use and can make single or double pierced holes.”
Product Rating They are useful and cute!
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“I was the needle piercer type till I used these handy little buggers! Will never pierce by needle again. Are the holes small? No. Does it save you endless amounts of time? Yes.”
Product Rating Fun, fun, fun tools to have in your stock
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“These are totally fun to use to create perforations - you can make evenly spaced holes all along your project..... it is easy and looks like you spent a while paper piercing the whole thing....”
Product Rating Will give a basic look of stitching
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“I am not a sewer, and can't be bothered to buy something to stitch papers together. These work well when I've used them on cards. It takes time to then draw the lines on, but it gives a good effect. Use them on a soft surface, like the soft rubber on the back of a mousepad, and they will pierce better.”
Product Rating I am not sure I love them!!
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“I got these because I was doing a ton of paper peircing and using a needle, my hand would cramp so I thought these would be the perfect not sure I think that anymore. I got used to the look of the needle holes and these peirces make a much bigger hole. I am njust not sure that I like the look they give....they are, however very convienient!!!”
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Friday, December 09, 2016
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