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Essentials Paper Tearing Ruler, Deckle


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Product Facts:
Manufacturer: All Night Media
Product Line: Essentials
Type: Paper Tools: Tools
Package Size: 14.00" x 2.00" x 0.10"
SKU: 492946

About All Night Media…

All Night Media Logo A company with an assortment of wood-mounted, foam, and clear stamps. They also specialize in stencils, punches and other accessories for an array of paper crafting projects.

What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating Adds interest to many projects for a great price.
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“I love the paper tearer to make my cards have an aged look. It is very simple to use, even my eight year old likes to use it and thinks it is easy. The only draw back is it tends to wrinkle your paper.”
Product Rating This ruler is wonderful for a torn edge look.
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“I have to say I was skeptical when I bought this, but it turns out that it works very well. I like the smaller deckled edge more that the larger one. I think the larger edge looks too uniform. But a good addition to my tools.”
Product Rating EASY EASY EASY to use! Adds texture to your papers.
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“Great tool, best ripping ruler I've tried. Makes tearing cardstock and papers a breeze. You can also use an embossing stylus to crate pattens on your papers. They come in different designs and I use the 3 that I have often. They stay in easy reach for easy access.”
Product Rating AWESOME PRODUCT (Bring on more)
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“This is a great tool. Makes the job so much easier. I am impressed with how heavy it is making it easier to tear paper with. Please ARS offer more of these. I will be using this item for many projects to come.”
Product Rating Adds such fun dimension to pages and cards
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“I love the tear ruler!! I love the torn edge look, but I'm not one that can tear very pretty trying to do it on my own!!! I'm always on the lookout for new edges. These are great!”
Product Rating This is a fantastic paper tearing ruler.
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“I love this ruler. It tears so well. I've used it on pictures, paper and cardstock. It looks great! For cards, scrapbooking and even to give photos a contemporary look in a picture frame. I like to "float" my pictures using Pop Dots. Gives it a little extra WOW!”
Product Rating how exciting
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“I didnt even know they had something to help you tear the paper, ive been doing it by myself all this time! Im definetly buying one of these!”
Product Rating Love paper tearing!
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“Have had this ruler on my wishlist and will purchase with this sale. I love the look of torn paper on my scrapbook pages.”
Product Rating A great product
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“This is the best paper tearing ruler-I purchased other brands before but they did not tear the paper cleanly.”
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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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