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Punchouts, Metallic Tags, Air National Guard, 1 sheet

Punchouts, Metallic Tags, Air National Guard, 1 sheet

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Product Facts:
Manufacturer: Scrapbook Customs
Type: Die Cuts: Military And Patriotic U S A
Package Size: 13.00" x 4.50" x 0.10"
SKU: 482612

About Scrapbook Customs…

Scrapbook Customs Logo Scrapbook Customs, formerly Stamping Station Scrapbook Supplies, is a retail and wholesale company which started out over ten years ago as a retail store wanting to share our special interests with the local consumers. We started out as a stamp store, with 800 square feet. After a few months we expanded into scrapbooking. The longer we were in business the more we found that the industry did not provide products that were desperately needed to fulfill a scrapbookers basic needs. We did a lot of research and began designing our own die cuts. Stamping Station has grown exponentially since that time by providing stickers, paper, laser cuts, metallic tags, page kits and custom items. We have kept to our philosophy of helping the small store owners and providing for the basic needs of Scrapbookers. Over the years we have become experts in laser cut and paper designs. We have even designed entire lines that can be customized to destinations or schools everywhere. We also focus on doing sports and travel items that rarely can be found through other manufacturers. Our goal is to continue coming up with new products that can't be purchased anywhere else, while continuing our high standards of quality and customer service.
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Sunday, December 04, 2016
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