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VersaFine Pigment Ink Pad, Onyx Black

VersaFine Pigment Ink Pad, Onyx Black
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This VersaFine inkpad brings out the finest details! Perfect for using watercolors to color stamped images. Oil-based, acid-free pigment dries instantly on uncoated paper.
Product Facts:
Manufacturer: Tsukineko
Product Line: VersaFine
Type: Stamp Pads: Pigment Pads
Package Size: 2.63" x 3.88" x 0.73"
SKU: 421879

About Tsukineko…

Tsukineko Logo The Creators of the original art stamp pad.
Tsukineko has been producing high quality and unique ink products since the 1950’s. The company continues to expand its collection, but the mission has always remained the same. Tsukineko will always offer excellent customer service, innovation and extreme quality of product. The company will continue to be on the cutting edge of the industry.

What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating thanks to your reviews i had to try---i am sold!!
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“but then again i love the Tsukineko products! i stamp images of all my stamps on index cards and organize them on a ring, so i can use them as a quick reference to find what i'd like to use on my current project, as well as when i buy more stamps so i don't buy duplicates....i can REALLY tell the diff on those i did with my other black pad and this one---HUGE!! such clean, crisp details...don't even need my glasses to see them!”
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“This ink pad makes every stamp, good, bad and ugly look superb. Will never be without this pad again in my stamping career”
Product Rating Good for defined details and dries really quick
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“My artwork used to be very messy and sometimes smudged. This inkpad is good as it is very detailed and dries really fast. Good for rubberstamps with fine details.”
Product Rating Absolutely wonderful ink pad!
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“This ink pad is wonderful! It is great for any stamp, but I find it particularly great for stamps that are finely detailed.”
Product Rating It goes so well with any stamp!
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“Versafine goes so well with any stamp especially with very delicate figures ones. It makes the image more clearly and it dries fast so that I could color the image right away. It is really a must buy in your shopping list.”
Product Rating The perfect black stamp pad
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“This is my favorite stamp pad, and definitely the one I use most often. It always stamps great and it dries very quickly. It is especially great for use on those really detailed stamps.”
Product Rating I'm so glad I discovered this ink pad
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“This ink pad gives you such a fine detailed image. This pad isn't always available at my local stores so I always try to have an extra one on hand.”
Product Rating Great ink for detailed images
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“This is my favorite ink to use when stamping detailed images - it is perfect! It works well for watercoloring and most color mediums. I do have some trouble with it smudging when using copic markers in lighter colors.”
Product Rating VersaFine Ink Pads are FANTASTIC!
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“When I discovered this ink pad, I pulled out a ton of my rubber stamps that I'd never been able to get a good stamp impression with and finally made use of them. Then, of course, I had to purchase all the different ink colors!”
Product Rating Probably my all-time favorite black stamp pad
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“This shade of black is so dark and rich - it's the perfect black. Great coverage on stamps, including ones with fine details. Not recommended for using with Copic markers - it will smear.”
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