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City Divine

City Divine

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Product Facts:
Manufacturer: Penny Black
Product Line: Cute
Type: Rubber Stamps: Wood Mounted
Package Size: 4.25" x 2.25" x 1.00"
SKU: 798923

About Rubber Stamps: Wood Mounted…

RubberStamps-WoodMounted Classic wood-mounted rubber stamps provide superior stamping and a luscious stamping experience. The rubber holds and transfers ink better than clear stamps. The foam mounting transfers pressure evenly so that the stamp image forms completely. A wooden handle is printed with a picture of the stamp (called an index.) The wooden art stamp experience is the best of the best.

What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating Great for friends, cousins and nieces
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“This one is so cute, cool and laid back! It makes wonderful cards for the women and older girls in your life. Those Penny Black stamps are awesome!”
Product Rating Something for the not so little girls!
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“This is a great stamp for the older girls. I was able to fit it on a ready made bookmark and added some tassels and beads for the marker. The girls love it.”
Product Rating Love those Penny Black Cuties!
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“What is cutie. Very versatile. Can never have too much girly or girlfriend pages. Get out your princess crowns ladies and start stampin'!”
Product Rating Tooo... Cute !!
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“I love this paticular line in Penny Black's collection. This stamp can certainly apply to all generations ! I will use this stamp as an everyday card for my granddaughter, a special Hi to my daughter, and of course a unique greetings "get together" for my friends.”
Product Rating I love this stamp
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“I thought I would use this stamp to make a set of note card/thank you cards for my granddaughter. I would stamp it in black and she could use colored pencils to color in the outfit as she liked for each card.”
Product Rating Perfect for that special girl
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“I used this card for my neice's sweet 16 birthday card. (Penny Black has a sweet 16 stamp that fits on her hand perfectly) Her outstreched hand can also hold a cake or a present.”
Product Rating FUN STAMP!
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“Although I am well past my teenage years, I can picture this girl on a card to my friends, who used to go shopping with me, looking like this! Whether for a birthday card, a friendship card, or a Get Well card, this one is sure to put a smile on the face! I'm ordering it today!”
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Sunday, December 04, 2016
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