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VersaMark Embossing/Watermark/Resist Ink Pad

VersaMark Embossing/Watermark/Resist Ink Pad
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VersaMark is a non-toxic watermark stamp pad that creates translucent images. Excellent for background images and for heat embossing. Oil based and archival. Be sure to add a VersaMark Ink Refill so you can extend the life of your stamp pad when it runs dry.
Product Facts:
Manufacturer: Tsukineko
Product Line: VersaMark
Type: Stamp Pads: Embossing
Package Size: 2.50" x 3.75" x 0.73"
SKU: 775672

About Tsukineko…

Tsukineko Logo The Creators of the original art stamp pad.
Tsukineko has been producing high quality and unique ink products since the 1950’s. The company continues to expand its collection, but the mission has always remained the same. Tsukineko will always offer excellent customer service, innovation and extreme quality of product. The company will continue to be on the cutting edge of the industry.

What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating VersaMark is truly very versatile
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“One of my favorite ways of using this ink is with Pearl Ex powders to easily get some "wow power" on a card! Ink the stamp with this ink, stamp the image, then use a stiff brush to immediately place a small amt. of Pearl Ex (or similar micro-powdered color) over the image--covering it completely; wait a few seconds then brush off any extra powder with a softer brush. Glorious irridescent colors can be added to a card or other stamped project using this process.”
Product Rating VersaMark is the perfect tool for embossing
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“Every stamper should have at least one VersaMark pad in their inventory. It is the perfect answer to embossing with powders. When I use a colored pigment ink pad to stamp and then a clear powder to emboss, on occasion it will not heat properly, so that's when I use a VersaMark ink pad and then use the colored powder to heat, it never fails to make a beautiful image. I have two in my inventory because I never want to be without one.”
Product Rating VersaMark is very Versatile!
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“When I entered this review, there were already 52 other reviews of this product! No wonder, this product is THE BEST!!! You can use it in so many ways. I love to use it as a watermark on my solid colored card stock. It just looks so crisp and clean. And you can use it for embossing powders as well. Your powders stick really well to VersaMark. You won't be disappointed when you purchase this product. It is a great price for a great product.”
Product Rating Very cool! The effect is really neat.
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“Very cool! The effect is really neat. I did learn though that if you want to do this as a background and then emboss something on top of it, you have to wait a LONG time to let the ink dry so that the water mark doesn't get embossed as well”
Product Rating If you don't have one, get one!
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“This is a favorite for rubber stamping enthusiasts like me! Of course it's great for embossing, but I just love to use it on colored paper to make a background with a textured stamp! It's subtle but cool looking.”
Product Rating VersaMark: The best thing since sliced bread
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“Well not quite - but I just love my VersaMark pad. It is great for watermarks on dark card stock but also great to use with any opaque embossing powders. I love, love, love it. Refils are essential because you will use this a lot.”
Product Rating If it is emboss, it gotta be versamark
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“This ink pad is really good. Ever since I found out this brand, my embossing is much detailed and neater. This pad can be used for watermark effect as background. Great piece!”
Product Rating If you want to emboss, you need versamark
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“This ink pad is just right for all my embossing needs. It works perfectly every time I use it. Can't live without this amazing ink pad. Definitely buy this if you love to emboss your cards.”
Product Rating What a "got to have" item!
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“I have used this pad to emboss since it came out. It is so dependable, and you can get a bottle of refill for the pad, which really helps me out.”
Product Rating The only embossing stamp you need
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“I love my versamark stamp pad. Its the only one I use for embossing. I also love using it to create a subtle stamp pattern paper for my projects on dark paper.”
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