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Stickers, Hearts And Flower,1 Sheet

Stickers, Hearts And Flower,1 Sheet

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You love hearts, and you love flowers, so why not combine them?
Product Facts:
Manufacturer: Penny Black
Product Line: Stickeroos
Type: Stickers: Flowers And Nature
Package Size: 9.00" x 7.00" x 0.01"
SKU: 774264

What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating Stickers impressive enough to be the front of handmade cards.
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“I used every one of these stickers for handmade cards. Penny Black also makes rubber stamps that either mirror the stickers or accompany them extremely well.”
Product Rating What a great sticker sheet for everything!
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“I am going to use these stickers on mimi albums, cards and even to decorate my envelopes to pen pals. These would even be great mounted on some card board with magnets on the back.”
Product Rating Penny Black products are the greatest!
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“I've got some Penny Black stickers and they are great quality...I can always use more of something I like!!”
Product Rating Get ready for Valentine's day!
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“Another beautiful Penny Black sticker sheet. Imagine these stickers on your valentines!”
Product Rating Lovely stickers
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“Haven't used these but would love to have them or receive a card with these on them.”
Product Rating Happy February 14...
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“Love these heavy duty stickers! Several variations on each sheet allow creativity and unique designs. Thank you Penny Black!”
Product Rating these make up great
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“I had the opportunity to use these in a class I took and they are beautiful. Now I want more of them.”
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Saturday, December 10, 2016
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