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StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner, 2 fl. oz.

StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner, 2 fl. oz.
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(Lemon scented)
Product Facts:
Manufacturer: Tsukineko
Product Line: StazOn
Type: Stamp Pads: Cleaners
Package Size: 4.00" x 1.50" x 1.40"
SKU: 682559

About Tsukineko…

Tsukineko Logo The Creators of the original art stamp pad.
Tsukineko has been producing high quality and unique ink products since the 1950’s. The company continues to expand its collection, but the mission has always remained the same. Tsukineko will always offer excellent customer service, innovation and extreme quality of product. The company will continue to be on the cutting edge of the industry.

What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating This is a MUST HAVE for all stampers!
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“If you have ever used Stazon, you know nothing really gets the ink off from your stamps quite like this all-purpose cleaner. I buy it and use it for all of my ink removal needs. Not just for Stazon. It is an excellent ink removal for all ink types. You are going to love how this product cleans you stamps. Because it was intended for a heavy, sticky ink, it cleans the regular ink pads with ease. It gets up every bit of the ink and it takes it right off very quickly. A great product, a MUST HAVE for all stampers.”
Product Rating Great! Really helps get ink off
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“I enjoy using this. The smell isn't unpleasant. Of course black or navy is still hard to get off, but that's expected. also it helps to use this in conjunction with a water soaked paper towel.”
Product Rating StazOn All-Purpose Stamp cleaner
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“This is a great product. Cleans my rubber stamps perfectly whenever I use permanent inks. Be sure to use a clean cloth to wipe your stamps after using the cleaner.”
Product Rating StazOn Stamp Cleaner - the BEST
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“I know that stained rubber stamps are okay but I really love having stamps that look brand new. StazOn Stamp Cleaner is the best!”
Product Rating A must-have for the Staz On ink user!
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“This is the only cleaner that I use with Staz On ink! I have many stained stamps from before I knew this was available! It's also great to get the ink from your fingers, as well!”
Product Rating A must have for the Staz On stamper!
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“I can't imagine living without this one now. Staz On ink is no joke when you try to get it off your RUBBER stamps so you really need this if you're using the ink.”
Product Rating Really one of the best cleaners
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“This really is a product I can"t do without! It really takes off solvent ink. I can never get that ink off with any other cleaner.”
Product Rating Staz on Cleaner---a staple for me
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“This is one of my 'go-to' cleaners. It works especially well on Staz-on, as well as cleaning up old-stained stamps.”
Product Rating The Best Cleaner for Rubber Stamps
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“I have tried several different stamp cleaning solutions and cleaning pads. The StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner is the best product for removing ink from rubber stamps. Plus, it is lemon-scented and does not have a strong irritant fume like some other cleaning products.”
Product Rating You have to have this cleaner to use with your StazOn!
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“One time I was at a stamping event and someone got some ink on the table and I got this cleaner out and like magic, it cleaned it right up. And of course it is great to clean your RUBBER stamps, but not your clear stamps. Do not use StazOn or the cleaner with clear stamps.”
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