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Embossing Magic Pad

Embossing Magic Pad
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Rub over surface to be embossed before inking to improve dry powder clean-up.
Product Facts:
Manufacturer: Inkadinkado
Type: Powders And Sprinkles: Tools
Package Size: 6.00" x 2.75" x 0.37"
SKU: 655660

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About Inkadinkado…

Inkadinkado Logo From its humble beginnings in 1978 when handcrafted rubber stamps were sold through a pushcart system in Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Inkadinkado has become one of the largest suppliers of top quality rubber and clear stamps in craft and memory categories in the USA, Canada, and many foreign countries. Over the initial years the company added products and expanded the pushcart theme operating under a licensee basis throughout the United States. During this time Inkadinkado also gained a national reputation as an innovator in its market niche and a loyal following among a growing segment of craft users with the distribution base moving into the small “Mom and Pop” retailers. In 1992 under the ownership and operation of Ronald Gelb, the company became sophisticated enough to market, sell, and deliver to national accounts, establishing itself as one of the major players in the industry. In January 2004, Dimensions, one of the respected leaders in the craft industry acquired Inkadinkado and K&Company. With the companies dedicated to quality, innovation, excellence in design, outstanding customer service, the combined resources of the companies resulted in the delivery of even greater service and value to the industry. On August 1, 2007 Dimensions and K&Company were excited to announce a new strategic partnership with two of the largest and most respected craft companies in the industry, EK Success and Wilton Industries. As the integration process progresses among the companies, we look forward to continued growth with creative, innovative, and quality products that will excite consumers.

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What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating Believe it, Embossing Magic Pad does work!
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“This pad is perfect to prepare your paper before you stamp and emboss, so that you won't have ink in a wrong place.”
Product Rating Embossing Magic Pad - really works!
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“I've done my own experiments where I stamp the same image on the same paper with the same ink and the same embossing powder (with varying product combinations) with and without using this Magic Pad before stamping and I can always tell which one this pad was used on! Yessir, the one without specks!”
Product Rating A must-have for embossers
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“I always used to have poor luck with embossing. I had problems with the powder not sticking in some places, or ending up where I didn't want it. This prepares your paper before you stamp and emboss. No more problems!”
Product Rating Anyone who using embossing powder must have this product!
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“I cannot live without this product. No more fighting with stray embossing power. I emboss almost every design im going to color. This product is a life saver.”
Product Rating I must be embossing-impared
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“I thought this would eliminate those extra flecks that appear ONLY after heating, but no, I still get them. And I'm using this Magic Pad before inking, brushing any stray flecks away, AND heating from below. It's driving me crazy and I seem to be the only one this product is not helping!”
Product Rating Great idea!
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“I am new to embossing and have been hesitant to try certain stamped images because of the embossing powders ending up in the wrong places. This looks like a good solution. I'm anxious to give it a try.”
Product Rating I love this product!
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“After I heard about this product I immediately purchased one! It works PERFECT!”
Product Rating Love it.
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“This is such a smart idea! No more spending forever to try to get the last bit of embossing powder off only to find after embossing that you missed some.”
Product Rating Works like a Charm
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“I always use it before I emboss. It works perfectly. No stray grains of powder where there is no ink. I was skeptical when I first saw it but it really works.”
Product Rating I'll give it a try
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“This product is something I will try. I have been so disappointed with some of my embossing attempts, when the embossing powder sticks to places it does not belong!! It is sure worth a try, hope it works!!”
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