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Fruit Salad

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Funny Bones sentiments from Riley always manage to get the message across in a snarky but succint way!
Product Facts:
Manufacturer: Riley & Company
Product Line: Funny Bone
Type: Rubber Stamps: Cling
Package Size: 5.50" x 3.50" x 0.25"
SKU: 617944

About Funny Bone Products…

Be Smart First
A Really Small Gang
Don't Leave Important Words Unsaid
Commas Save Lives
Don't Put The Key To Your Happiness
I've Lost My Mind
Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun
Action Figure
Auto Correct
A Little Girl Seeks Revenge
Be So Happy
A True Friend Can Be Found
Deja Poo Definition
Behind Every Successful Person
Check Liver Light
Dip It In Chocolate
A Cape & a Tiara
An Apple A Day
Bright Side
Duct Tape
A Husband Is Someone Who
Don't Stumble
Be Classy
Days With A Warning Label
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