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Dotto Adhesive Refill, Permanent, 49 ft.

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Product Facts:
Manufacturer: EK Success
Product Line: Herma Dotto Adhesive
Type: Adhesives: Dots And Tabs
Package Size: 2.00" x 2.00" x 0.34"
SKU: 565804

About EK Success…

EK Success Logo We are a 30 year old creative consumer products company with a diversified portfolio of products that lend themselves to the gift, toy, craft, party and stationery markets. Our products are created with the intent to inspire and educate the consumer and foster the creativity within each of us. Our m.o. is to out imagine the competition and re-imagine the space of our retailer partners. The secret of our success has been our ability to be in touch with our consumer needs and wants and provide them with the necessary tools.

What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating I love this adhesive, it is usually my go to adhesive!
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“I love this adhesive, it is usually my go to adhesive especially for quick projects! It is easy to use and to refill and comes in permanent or temporary types of adhesive, I play with both!”
Product Rating My favorite adhesive for small projects.
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“Dotto is my favorite adhesive for small projects. The applicator is easy to use and doesn't get gummed up the way so many tape runners seem to.”
Product Rating Wonderful adhesive for smaller projects
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“And I say that because I've since switched primarily to an ATG Gun. But this product is typically what I take with me when I go to a crop since it's a lot less bulky. I've been using it since I started scrapbooking about 10 years ago, and haven't had any of my pictures or embellishments come off the page. It's a fantastic product!”
Product Rating Dotto is great for creating special pages,where objects need
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“Dotto is great for creating special scrapbook pages, where objects need to be held on tight. No problem when I use Dotto adhesive, it really sticks. I use lots of Dotto creating scrapbooks for my DAR chapter.”
Product Rating My go to for small items
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“I use this adhesive along with the Hema tabs exclusively. It is the best thing for tiny spots without the hassle of glue dots. I am never without it!”
Product Rating Great for small letters or embelishments!
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“I love to use this to adhere letters to my scrapbook pages. It is really easy and makes the process of creating titles simple!”
Product Rating great adhesive
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“I use this adhesive almost exclusively. It is fast and easy to use.”
Product Rating Love it.
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“Love this product. It's one of the better adhesives out there. With these refills it reduces the amount of trash, which I like.”
Product Rating Fabulous
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“I use this adhesive refill all the time. The dispenser is one in which my 72 year old, severely arthritic mother uses with ease. It doesn't seem to get caught up or tear when she uses it. It's easy for her to hold, manuipulate and use. My kids love it for school projects as well. Neat and tidy.”
Product Rating Great Adhesive
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“I have had great luck with this product. I have tried a number of different "roll-on" type adhesives and I keep coming back to this one. It is easy to use and sticks very well.”
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