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Glue for Ribbon

Glue for Ribbon
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Dries clear, does not seep into ribbon and works for all ribbon types.
Product Facts:
Manufacturer: Making Memories
Type: Adhesives: Glues
Package Size: 4.50" x 2.25" x 0.92"
SKU: 564356

About Making Memories…

Making Memories Logo Since its 1997 inception, Making Memories has become one of the nation's fastest growing manufacturers of craft and scrapbooking supplies. The privately held Inc. 500 company (2001) boasts more than 5,000 individual products in its wholesale supply collection. Making Memories attributes its phenomenal growth to sourcing innovative product, establishing an intimate relationship with customers, and providing an unending supply of inspirational ideas.

What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating Okay, Okay I'm Sold Like A Dream Come True
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“I am a calligrapher and for many of my cards I use ribbon. Thank goodness I can't begin to tell you the number of times I've had to either use a ton of glue (and then it seeps through) or decide not to apply the ribbon at all. From reading the comments I am sold. I am ordering one or should I order two?”
Product Rating better than anything elso so far!
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“i really do like this glue. works just like it states. only complaint is that the cap was full of hardened glue when it arrived.....prob'ly lost over 10% of it. same thing happened when i purchased the MM metal glue too.”
Product Rating This is what I have been looking for.
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“I had heard about this but could not find it in the local stores, now finally I see that they have it on this web site and I am going to be ordering it.”
Product Rating Ribbon glue that works perfectly
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“It is so easy to glue ribbon with this Making Memories adhesive. It holds the ribbon in place, it does not show on the ribbon, it is just perfect. I now use ribbon more frequently than I did before I got it!”
Product Rating what a relief, a ribbon adhesive that works
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“I was so happy to have found this. I had given up on finding a ribbon glue. They've all been so messy and saturate throught the ribbon. I borrowed my friend's at a scrapbook retreat and loved it. use this sparingly.”
Product Rating Finally, a glue made for ribbon
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“(or maybe it's been around a while, I don't know!) but anyway it's quite a find and it works like crazy, I always keep an extra one on hand. For those ribbon emergencies!”
Product Rating This stuff is the "bomb!"
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“I have tried just about every type of adhesive out there on the market and Memory Maker's Glue for Ribbon (as well as their one for metal) is by far the best!! They hit the nail on the head with this!!”
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“I just ordered my second tube before I ran out of my first. The thought of running out and not having more, well I just don't think so!”
Product Rating I love....
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“love, love this ribbon glue!”
Product Rating Finally!
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“Something to glue ribbon! I can't wait to try this product...i'm a ribbon fanatic!!”
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