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StazOn Jet Black

StazOn Jet Black
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This solvent-based ink is ideal for use on nonporous surfaces.
Product Facts:
Manufacturer: Tsukineko
Product Line: StazOn
Type: Stamp Pads: Permanent Pads
Package Size: 2.75" x 3.75" x 0.70"
SKU: 479021

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About Tsukineko…

Tsukineko Logo The Creators of the original art stamp pad.
Tsukineko has been producing high quality and unique ink products since the 1950’s. The company continues to expand its collection, but the mission has always remained the same. Tsukineko will always offer excellent customer service, innovation and extreme quality of product. The company will continue to be on the cutting edge of the industry.

What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating Just add a bit of water to your project? Get StazOn
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“I love StazOn. Nothing beats it when you want to do a bit of watercolouring or spritzing. You can guarantee that it will not run or smudge so your iamges will stay clear and fesh looking.”
Product Rating Great for stamping on Tile
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“I use StazOn on any surface that is slick--tile, glass, etc., and it's also great for paper, wood. I've even used it on fabric. Use it anytime you need a clear, permanent stamping design.”
Product Rating The best black ink out there
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“You can't beat StazOn for inking non-porous surfaces like glass, plastic, glossy chipboard etc. StazOn works fast and works perfectly and it's a deep, rich, opaque black.”
Product Rating A great permanent ink that works well with any surface.
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“This ink does just what it says...stazs on. I use it on velum and it works great! I especially like the black, but am investing in other colors now. Once it dries I can color in it and it doesn't smear.”
Product Rating Super staying power & crisp images!!
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“I had never used this before & I really love it! It stays on every surface I've tried it on so far. I did have one problem & it may have been my error. I stamped an image & the colored it in with copic markers & it seemed to bleed a little. Maybe I didn't let it dry long enough. Other than that I love this ink.”
Product Rating Super permanent ink that does what it claims to do (stays on)
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“This is one of the best inks for alcohol markers. When your marker touches your stamped line stazon ink does not come off. Also great for stamping on glass too.”
Product Rating The best ink for permanent images
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“This ink is great for use on all surfaces and dries quickly -- so no smudging. It also works great with clear stamps. I would purchase the stazon stamp cleaner as well. I have a hard time removing the inkk from my stamps otherwise.”
Product Rating My favorite quick drying ink
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“StazOn is my favorite fast drying ink - makes a nice crisp image. I also love the way it smells. It reminds me of almond extract.”
Product Rating My favorite quick drying ink
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“StazOn is my favorite fast drying ink - makes a nice crisp image. I also love the way it smells. It reminds me of almond extract.”
Product Rating Works great on wood too...I used this stamp to stamp a...
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“butterfly design on a wooden barrette and the image came out perfectly. No bleed. It's another one of those gotta-have products for the diehard stampaholic.”
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