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24 Piece Blending Chalks

24 Piece Blending Chalks

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Create a soft pastel finish with colors you can shade and blend easily. Use colors directly from the chalk squares or, if mixing colors into a new shade, rub chalk squares into a piece of scrap paper, then use applicator to blend colors and apply to your projects.
Product Facts:
Manufacturer: Inkadinkado
Type: Chalks
Package Size: 4.75" x 7.00" x 0.75"
SKU: 466535

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About Inkadinkado…

Inkadinkado Logo From its humble beginnings in 1978 when handcrafted rubber stamps were sold through a pushcart system in Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Inkadinkado has become one of the largest suppliers of top quality rubber and clear stamps in craft and memory categories in the USA, Canada, and many foreign countries. Over the initial years the company added products and expanded the pushcart theme operating under a licensee basis throughout the United States. During this time Inkadinkado also gained a national reputation as an innovator in its market niche and a loyal following among a growing segment of craft users with the distribution base moving into the small “Mom and Pop” retailers. In 1992 under the ownership and operation of Ronald Gelb, the company became sophisticated enough to market, sell, and deliver to national accounts, establishing itself as one of the major players in the industry. In January 2004, Dimensions, one of the respected leaders in the craft industry acquired Inkadinkado and K&Company. With the companies dedicated to quality, innovation, excellence in design, outstanding customer service, the combined resources of the companies resulted in the delivery of even greater service and value to the industry. On August 1, 2007 Dimensions and K&Company were excited to announce a new strategic partnership with two of the largest and most respected craft companies in the industry, EK Success and Wilton Industries. As the integration process progresses among the companies, we look forward to continued growth with creative, innovative, and quality products that will excite consumers.

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What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating Great assortment of colors; perfect for beginners.
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“This was the first chalk I bought and I still use it. There are other much better but if you're a begginner you shoudl try this one.”
Product Rating Chalk Set is not my favorite. Others are much better! Try them!
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“The only thing this chalk set has going for it is the varity of colors. The are not easy to use and smudge at hardly nothing. They also smear. I was not impressed. I actually gave this set away and purchased another set that I love. There are better products on the market. Leave this one on the shelf.”
Product Rating Great set for the beginner, just getting into using chalks.
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“Had this set for over 8 years and still use it! These chalks give such a soft look to whatever medium you use them on. I've graduated since, but still pull these out when I want that soft look! Great on textured cardstock.”
Product Rating a little messy and sometimes smears when you don't want it to.
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“colors are beautiful. Smearing can easily be corrected using an eraser. Works well with a variety of stencils to make shaded backgrounds. I love them. They stay together and don't mix like watercolors tend to do. Smart buy. Great price.”
Product Rating chalks
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“I have always wanted some of these chalks to use on cards. I like the variety of colors offered!”
Product Rating What a wonderful choice of colors!
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“I cannot wait to use this set of blending chalks. The color choices are magnificent!”
Product Rating great assortment
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“This set of blending chalks has a great assortment of colors. Any color you could want!! I love adding a little shading of chalk to my cardmaking, just a nice touch!!”
Product Rating great item
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“These chalks are great to use with versa mark. i love that they are so easy to use.”
Product Rating Great Chalks
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“I love these chalk shades - they blend beautifully and stay put with just a whiff of hairspray (the cheap kind LOL).”
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