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Zig 2-Way Glue, Chisel Tip

Zig 2-Way Glue, Chisel Tip
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Dual-action adhesive - permanent when used wet, removable when used dry.
Product Facts:
Manufacturer: EK Success
Product Line: Zig Adhesive
Type: Adhesives: Glues
Package Size: 5.75" x 0.50" x 1.00"
SKU: 418542

About EK Success…

EK Success Logo We are a 30 year old creative consumer products company with a diversified portfolio of products that lend themselves to the gift, toy, craft, party and stationery markets. Our products are created with the intent to inspire and educate the consumer and foster the creativity within each of us. Our m.o. is to out imagine the competition and re-imagine the space of our retailer partners. The secret of our success has been our ability to be in touch with our consumer needs and wants and provide them with the necessary tools.

What Others Are Saying…

Product Rating Best glue for the little stuff
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“I love this pen for all of the little things that I can't put adhesive tape on. It doesn't run and repositionable until it changes color. Love that!!!”
Product Rating Best glue pen for teeny tiny projects
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“When the glue dots are too big for those little embellishments you want to add to your scrapbook or cards, this glue pen works great. And, it adheres very firmly -- nothing is coming off your project when you use this pen!”
Product Rating Great Adhesive for Light Embellishments
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“This is convenient and easy to use. There's no mess with this blue. Goes on easily and adheres well. Good with light embellishments.”
Product Rating My all time favorite glue pen!
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“This pen is great for all kinds of projects. I mostly use this pen for card making. It goes on blue but dries white.”
Product Rating my favorite glue pen of all time
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“This is my favorite glue stick/pen of all out there, I use it on all my scrapbooking, and cardmaking, also like the way its two way, a lot of times I don't want it permanent right away.”
Product Rating Wonderful glue for any project
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“I use this glue all the time and the best part is, that it's really two glues in one. If I need it for a mask or to position something, I just put the glue on at the beginning of the creative process. That way, it drys and is great for putting down again and again. If I want it to be permanent, I just put the glue on and put the piece in place. I've never had anything come off when using it in a permanent fashion.”
Product Rating Perfect glue pen for fun flock powder
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“This is the best ben for using with fun flocking powder and glitter---it stays wet long enough to get every little detail covered!”
Product Rating Great for adding glitter !!!
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“Love this glue. It's great especially when adding glitter to a project. You can see where you're putting the glue because of the blue color and it holds the glitter extremely well.”
Product Rating A great adhesive you will reach for time and time again-
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“I really like this product. When adhered immediately, it's a permament product. However, if you wait until the glue is dry before adhering, it becomes a repositionable product. I've used it both ways on the same project, & it made it a good bit easier on me only having to reach for one product. It dries clear, and doesn't smell bad.”
Product Rating cost effective!
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“My favorite adhesive - much more cost effective than tabs or dots for most paper work. The chisel tip also allows for excellent control for small and irregular areas and I also the flat edge to "clean" up excess glue.”
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