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Using Adobe® Photoshop® Elements to Convert Rubber Stamp Images

To properly prepare a rubber stamp image, you need photo software with the right features. Available at most retail computer stores, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is a popular and affordable program you can download for a free 30-day trial.

How to convert a color photo to pure black and white using Photoshop® Elements:

  • Open your file. Here’s the original photo of our friend Digger the dog:
    Original Color Photo
  • Display the following settings by selecting and hovering over each one from the dropdown menu. You may have to choose Expert above the image to see all of these. Go to:
    • Image
    • Mode
    • Bitmap…
    Photoshop® Elements Bitmap Mode Setting
  • A warning is displayed saying the image needs to be converted to grayscale before creating the bitmap. Choose OK:
    Photoshop® Elements Grayscale Conversion Warning
  • The Bitmap dialog box appears:
    • Leave the Resolution section as is. Below you see the image being converted (Input) is at 300 pixels/inch (ppi or pixels per inch - same as dpi or dots per inch). Since we use a high-resolution (1000dpi) laser-engraving process, we recommend uploading — at least — 300ppi images.
    • Make sure the dropdown list in the Method section is set to Diffusion Dither. Feel free to experiment, but we think you’ll like this one best.
    • Choose OK.
    Photoshop® Elements Bitmap Dialog Box

Here is the result: Photoshop® Elements Bitmap Conversion Result

Now there’s Digger in all his glory looking for trouble as usual. Use “Save As…” and save this image with a different name so you don’t overwite the original photo. We accept .jpg, .gif, .bmp or .png formats. You can upload this image to make a custom rubber stamp by adding text or just use the artwork as is. You’re the artist… just remember to keep it pure black & white!

There are other graphic programs you can use to get similar results — just make sure they have dithering capabilities. Visit our brief tutorial on using Adobe® Fireworks®. Not all photo software is able to convert images like this. If you’re not sure what we mean, check out our Microsoft® Paint example.

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