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Product Safety

Many of the items that we sell are unsuitable for very young children — they may pose a choking hazard, or may contain chemicals that should not be taken internally. Customers with children age 3 or under should be advised to keep all small objects out of their children’s reach. Children ages 4 through 8 should have adult supervision while using our products.

Certain persons may be hyper-sensitive to substances and chemicals (such as glues, inks, or solvents) that pose no hazard to most people. Rubber stamps are not only used to apply glues, solvents, inks and dyes and other chemicals, but they may be constructed out of these substances as well. Rubber stamps may carry residue from these substances. Individuals who are hyper allergic should not use or touch rubber stamps unless they are certain that doing so will pose no health hazard.

Because rubber stamps are generally sold unpackaged, it is possible that they may have come into contact with products that some people are hyper allergic to, such as peanuts or sulfates. Because of the porous nature of wood, it may not be possible to completely clean rubber stamps. Persons who are hyper allergic should understand and accept the risk that a product has come into contact with a substance that they are allergic to.

It is your responsibility to determine the fitness of a rubber stamp to the intended purpose. It is also your responsibility to be knowledgeable about the proper, intended, and safe use of rubber stamps.

When stamping with certain glues, solvents, inks and dyes care should be taken to ensure that there is proper ventilation. Because of the close proximity to chemicals being applied it is possible for concentrated amounts of fumes to be present in the air. Proper ventilation can significantly reduce the likelihood of being overcome. Air filters and masks are available that will reduce the exposure to potentially harmful fumes.

You should inspect rubber stamps prior to their use. It is possible that stamps will contain small slivers of wood, or may contain other imperfections which could pose a safety hazard. A thorough inspection can minimize the possibility of injury.

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