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International Customers

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Addicted To Rubber Stamps ships to over 150 countries on a regular basis. We’re an experienced international shipper with a dedicated international shipping department that ships tens of thousands of parcels to most countries around the globe.

We can display product prices in many local currencies. To see product prices in your local currency, choose your country below:

United States Flag

Prices are now being displayed as United States Dollars United States Flag (USD).

Some Prices May be Displayed in US Dollars

Some prices will be displayed in US Dollars, such as headlines, prices in graphics, and shipping options. You can usually tell if a price is in US Dollars because it will be preceeded with only a $ while other currencies that use the $ symbol will have a country code in front, such as HK$ or CAD$.

Exchange Rates Can Vary

We update exchange rates periodically. If a currency has been volatile you may wish to check to see if there is a more recent rate. A source of current exchange rates is at

You Will Be Billed in US Dollars

You will actually be billed in US Dollars and your bank will perform the currency conversion to your local currency. Our display of prices in your local currency is intended to be a convenience only, and since your bank will determine the final conversion applicable to your account the final billed amount may vary slightly. Some banks will add a currency conversion fee. This is not a fee that we add and you should contact your bank to see what the fee might be.

Taxes & Duties

We will ship all orders freight prepaid, but you should check with your local authorities about any additional fees which you may need to pay on the delivery-end.

Shipments to international destinations are subject to Customs & Duties and may be assessed VAT taxes by your local jurisdiction. Duties, taxes and brokerage fees on items are established by your local government and is always the responsibility of the recipient. The duty is determined by the value of the merchandise and other complicated factors and is determined by your local Customs office. Our shipping systems are automated, so we are unable to mark parcels as being a “Gift” or to under-declare the value of parcels. We do declare the parcel value for the lowest allowable amount, and so you may pay taxes at a lower rate than the full retail prices of goods.

Here are some resources which you may find helpful:
(We are not the publisher of this information and cannot be responsible for its accuracy.)

Shipping Charges

Please refer to our Shipping Information pages for the rates and other information relating to shipping to international destinations. Note that insurance availability varies by country, as does the speed of delivery.

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