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Using Adobe® Fireworks® to Convert Rubber Stamp Images

To properly prepare a rubber stamp image, you need photo software with the right features. Designed for web graphics, Adobe® Fireworks® is a powerful program you can download for a free 30-day trial.

How to convert a color photo to pure black and white using using Fireworks®:

  • Open your file. Here’s the original photo of faithful pal Digger the dog:
    Original Color Photo
  • Open the Optimize panel by selecting it from the Window menu. The Optimize panel is already showing if it has a checkmark by it:
    • Window
    • Optimize
  • Set the Optimize settings as shown (ATRS accepts .bmp, .gif, .jpg and .png files. We’re using .gif for this example):
    • Set the Optimize panel as shown below.
    • Dither should be set to 100%.
    Optimize Panel Settings
  • Under the File menu choose Export
    • Type a filename and click save
    • Note: You should choose to export the file not just save it. Saving the file as a Fireworks® .png (just using Save) inserts a lot of program information which unnecessarily increases the upload size. Exporting it avoids all that.

Preview your new monochrome file by opening it in Fireworks®:Color Photo Converted to 1-bit Bitmap with Dithered Halftones

And there’s Digger diligently on the lookout for squirrels. You can use this image to make a custom rubber stamp by adding text or just use the artwork as is.

There are other graphic programs you can use to get similar results — just make sure they have dithering capabilities. Visit our brief tutorial on using Adobe® Photoshop® Elements. Not all photo software is created equal. If you’re not sure what we mean, check out our Microsoft® Paint example.

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